Project Life 2015: April 14th

You guys… well, probably more likely gals, guess what I did? I bought a kitten. Yesterday. Oh yes I did. I really intended her to be for my girls, as I am not really a “cat person”. I like them but am not usually OMG over them. But this face, I am so OMG over. […]


Project Life 2015: April 5

New spread for my PL album complete, score! This one is a little different. I made both of these pages for the April … [Read More...]


Project Life: February 1-3

Knock Knock! Still here. In real life. Just not here. In blogland. (Ps, my computer hates that word and just changed it … [Read More...]


Project Life 2015: January 10th & 11th

Finally finished up a two page spread for the weekend of January 10th & 11th. I had completed the 10th but kept … [Read More...]