DSD Sprint – Evan’s 4th Year Pages

Well, I went back and bought a few more things last night. I need to stay out of the gallery because those amazing layouts from all the members at SSD make me want *all the pretty things*. I seem to be on a boy kick right now though, I have a plethora of girly, sweet […]

My DSD Haul

Hello, fellow scrappers!! Guess who was up at 5:16am this morning – on a SATURDAY – from pure excitement for Digital Scrapbooking Day (Weekend!)? Uh, yah – THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!! Coffee in hand & my Jesus music on low. It’s a good morning to have a great morning. I may be on my 2nd […]

School Scrappin’

I’m terribly behind on school scrapbooks. Surely I’m not the only one, right? Please confirm. Attempting to knock out some of this school years’ pages for my girls. With 4 of them it’s tough to keep up! I have a new system where I am *trying* to take one photo a week of them before […]

A Fresh Start

Hello, readers! It’s been quite awhile, I know, I know. If you are new here – thank you for stopping by. If you are an old reader, thank you for coming back! You’ll see that there is minimal content here at the moment. That is because, despite having this blog for years, and years – […]