DSD Sprint – Evan’s 4th Year Pages

Well, I went back and bought a few more things last night. I need to stay out of the gallery because those amazing layouts from all the members at SSD make me want *all the pretty things*. I seem to be on a boy kick right now though, I have a plethora of girly, sweet kits because I had girls for 10 years before I got my boys, so pardon me while I bask in the glorious blues, greens, and reds.

Anyways, here’s my other snags:

I’ve scrapped so few of Evan’s 4th year of life that I’ve decided to go ahead and do his book with those 8.5 x 11 templates. Sometimes a change in pace is good to keep the creative juices flowing, right? I’ve never done a book in this size so we will see how it goes. I do like the idea of it being a traditional type of book, not a square. Side note: These 1st 3 pages are from 2 days. As you can see, my boy loves costumes.

And just because I love it so much, here is a closeup of the above. It was actually my oldest daughter’s idea for me to do a cut-out of him against the background. Clever girl! Evan LOVED it when he saw it.

And this page I made before those. Not sure where I’m going to print it and stick it, but it’s cute, none the less.

I did a few more which I will share in a later post. I was more productive yesterday in the scrap realm than I’ve been all year, ha!

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