My DSD Haul

Hello, fellow scrappers!!

Guess who was up at 5:16am this morning – on a SATURDAY – from pure excitement for Digital Scrapbooking Day (Weekend!)? Uh, yah – THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!!

Coffee in hand & my Jesus music on low. It’s a good morning to have a great morning.

I may be on my 2nd cup of coffee already. I was so excited about this french vanilla Dunkin coffee I got on sale yesterday that I opened it upside down. Or, maybe that was pure exhaustion that caused that. We’ll stick with excited. Doesn’t matter, they’ll get transferred to the K-Cup drawer anyways, ha!

And, because who doesn’t love photos of sweet, sleeping children – here’s a close up of those 2 baby boys from the first photo.

Ok, on to what you’re really here for. DSD haul. *womp womp womp*!! Here’s what I have snatched up so far. May not seem like a lot to some, I know ladies who save up for this event and spend hundreds. WOAH! But, I tend to stick to my favorite store of all time, Sweet Shoppe Designs, and I’m attempting to only spend on things I intend to use relatively soon.

(Just a note – I am not affiliated with SSD nor am I on any creative teams at the moment, I’m simply sharing!)

Is this kit not the CUTEST!!?? I’m going to have to dig up some old Halloween photos to put this one to use with today. I adore it!
My little girls (ages 7 & 8) are on a unicorn loving kick right now. I love the soft colors in this kit, they actually match a unicorn dress one of them got for her birthday. *cue the photoshoot*
My middle schooler loved this template when she saw it last week. She is actually learning the periodic table elements right now in her science class.
I don’t have anyone in band but my Makayla girl is in orchestra, and she is going to love the violin in this kit.
Not sure I will use this for back to school, but I have a couple other ideas in mind for it.
Evan went through a “PJ Mask” phase. I guess he is sort of still in it, he still watches it. I’m gonna have to dig up some pictures of him in his PJ Mask pajamas.
I adore Cindy’s templates. I mean, seriously – what’s not to love about these? *swoon*

I might be the most excited about this template set. I love the clean look and the idea of being able to easily finish a photo book of an event. Not sure which even I will start on first that I haven’t scrapped (the possibilities are endless).

And then I got the next 3 items free with $25 purchase – score!

Did you grab some goodies yet, or plan to? Are there any other stores you think I need to check out? Some things I would be interested in are more orchestra/violin related kits, and project life/pocket style templates.

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Marcy Kay is an avid memory keeper whose super powers include keeping half a dozen of the world's future brilliants alive and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


  1. I hope this means lots of new pages from you! I miss your layouts. : ) And congrats on baby boy #2!

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