School Scrappin’

I’m terribly behind on school scrapbooks. Surely I’m not the only one, right? Please confirm.

Attempting to knock out some of this school years’ pages for my girls. With 4 of them it’s tough to keep up! I have a new system where I am *trying* to take one photo a week of them before or after school, and I am also saving any photos their teachers share via social media or Seesaw. I also have gotten them to put their papers every week that they bring home in a certain folder in my desk, so even if I don’t have time to scan things at that moment, I at least have what I need in one place when I do have time.

Another thing I am doing is using the same templates for each girl but just changing a few things to make the pages unique. Saves me tons of time in creating a whole new page.

These pages were created by using mainly “Girly Geek” by Meghan Mullens, along with some miscellaneous papers from various other kits, and the template is Singleton 22 by Brook Magee.

Do you have any school layouts to share for inspiration? Feel free to leave your link below!

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Marcy Kay is an avid memory keeper whose super powers include keeping half a dozen of the world's future brilliants alive and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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